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The Best Social Media Profiles For Businesses in Central Texas

Are you ready to see the Top 3 businesses in Killeen who use Social Media Marketing?

This is Operate Creative's picks for the best social media profiles and how to learn from them.

From restaurants to gyms, social media marketing is an excellent way to get your brand showcased to the world. These (3) businesses below are examples of how they have grown their presence on social media and used it to attract more customers.

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CrossFit Cataclysm is a local gym in Killeen, TX.

CrossFit Cataclysm does not spam consumers with membership proposals. Instead, they promote how much their members enjoy their gym experience on a day to day basis. On Instagram you can find that their branding is visible on each post, and they offer a mixture of single photo posts and reels that are entertaining to say the least!

On Facebook, they utilize the same strategy and provide engaging content to their audience to show them the benefits of implementing CrossFit to their health routine. On their last post, they featured a "member of the month" which showcases a specific member who has been consistent, worked hard, and makes the environment of the gym fun to be in!

The owner is always involved to make the gym a fun, exciting, and motivating place to go!

GrabbaGreen is a franchised restaurant in Killeen, TX offering health foods, smoothies, and juice cleanses.

Right off the bat - GrabbaGreen has a fantastic name and logo. They prioritize the health benefits of their products and showcase them on their social profiles as such.

To begin, their Instagram profile is nothing short of beautiful! They use professional photography, graphic design, and consistent promos to their consumers to keep them engaged. They currently have over 3,000 followers and continue to grow with their consumer base in the area.

Google Profile:

When you search "healthy restaurants in Killeen" they are #1. Their SEO strategy is fantastic! This is key to attracting new and current customers to be able to show up before their competition.

We don't want to toot our own horn. However, we do this everyday. We've built a brand where people can come to our website or social media to learn new marketing tips, trends, and apply it to their personal or business profiles.

Here's how we do it..

Social Media Marketing:

  1. We stay consistent. We post every day, every week, every month. Now of course, we use a scheduling software to help, but we put the work in to provide great content to our followers so we can retain them and obtain more.

  2. We use branded content - every time. We want our customers and new customers to remember our brand whenever they hear of "social media" or "digital marketing". We showcase our logo, colors, brand style, and personalities on each post to portray it to the world - and we're proud of it!

Google SEO:

  1. We update our SEO on our website monthly. This helps keep things up to date and we research new keywords to use to help us rank higher on Google when someone searches for marketing agencies in Central Texas.

  2. We consistently update our Google Business Profile. This is one of the FREE ways to increase your digital presence and it only takes 5 minutes. Learn how to set up a Google profile for FREE with us, if you have questions!

Social Media Paid Advertising:

  1. Paid Ads! Our #1 recommendation to grow your business and save money on advertising. We target specific industries and clients we want to work with, track the results, and on board new clients each time! This strategy takes some time to learn and can be extremely beneficial to getting more sales for your business.

We hope you enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on marketing tips.

Contact us for a FREE consultation today:

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