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Industries we serve.

Automotive - Car Dealerships

Did you know that automotive consumers spend on average 13 hours online and on social media researching vehicles prior to making a purchase? Let's transform the way your dealership gets leads, drives sales, and makes customers happy!

Dentistry - Private and Franchised Offices

The fear of going to the dentist is no longer a worry. Your audience will be excited to see your team and want to come back for more services. Let's get started on transforming the way your business is advertised!

Law Firms

It's hard to advertise law firms using billboards, mail in advertising, and TV commercials. Show your team, professionalism, and easy legal process via Social Media. Our team will streamline the whole process and strategically develop a social media marketing plan to get you more clients!

Construction & Landscaping

Want more appointments? Want to showcase the work you do for your customers? Our targeted advertising and social media management helps you engage with your audience, drive traffic, and get more bookings. Let's Get To Work Today!

Property Management 

Can't find tenants? Can't sell a house because there's no leads? Social Media is the best way to find existing and potential customers to showcase your property listings to and streamline your sales process. All in one. Let's go!


Have a weekly special? Trying to attract foodies to your restaurant? With our restaurant business experience, we know the struggles of running and scaling a restaurant. Let's get your ads in the right place, at the right time, so your customers can come to you, not some big chain. 

Client Testimonial

Our Family Owned Restaurant was Tarik's Bakery and Coffee Shop in Utica, NY. Without Social Media in Upstate New York, it's hard to survive as a restaurant owner. We posted specials, testimonials, reviews, and engagement with our community and our sales sky rocketed.

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